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Firebird Communication

Bring the power of creativity and innovation to your workplace and beyond.

Communication Skills and Innovation Coaching

Communication skills are anything but ”soft” skills, as they are often described. Getting your message across clearly and correctly can be challenging, although this skill is an essential part of any workflow.

From presentation skills to innovation-focused leadership coaching and team-building, there is boundless potential to unlock within your organization. Choose from group corporate training, individual coaching, or a blend of both.

Apart from corporate training in communication skills and fostering innovation, we also conduct communication audits to help you better understand the strengths, challenges, and unique factors in your organization’s teams, enabling you to make decisions that leverage your strengths and turn challenges into new opportunities.

Core Skills

Core learning competencies that we offer include presentation skills, business writing, team-building, leadership coaching, innovation training, and interpersonal skills. All our courses feature action-based, goal-oriented, and collaborative learning.

A Modular Approach

We take a modular approach to communication training and coaching, because we know one size doesn’t fit all. Core learning competencies are carefully selected based on your needs at the organization, team, and individual levels.

Innovation Coaching

Innovation is sought after by teams and companies across all industries. We blend innovation coaching with all core communication competencies taught, and also provide innovation coaching as a core competency in itself.

Core Learning Competencies

Written Communication

Use language more effectively, dynamically, and positively in business writing, including emails, reports, letters, and customer service scripts.

Speeches & Presentations

Giving presentations is often one of the least loved parts of one’s job; we’d like to show you how easy it can be to ace  presentations and speeches at work.

Interpersonal Skills

From effective conversations, to conflict management and assertiveness, this core competency includes essential and specialized interpersonal skills.


An essential part of effective teams and efficient workflows, team-building boosts problem-solving capabilities. Our team-building modules include innovation coaching for tangible, lasting benefits.

Leadership Coaching

Our core modules are curated and customized for leadership coaching, from leadership-oriented innovation and problem-solving to highly specialized interpersonal communication skills.

Building Innovation

Innovation is integral to any organization’s success and sustainability. It boosts productivity while raising employee satisfaction, morale, and retention rates, among many other tangible benefits.

Benefits of Creativity And Innovation In The Workplace

The list of benefits of innovation in the workplace is a long one, but these are some essential benefits of innovation and creativity (the latter is the bedrock that builds innovation, although innovation management is needed for sustainable and effective innovation).


  • Increases productivity in teams and individuals
  • Improves problem-solving skills and efficacy, from executive to C-suite levels
  • Better team dynamics;  builds a sense of community among employees
  • Amplifies brand recognition and brand value 
  • Increases employee morale, engagement, and motivation
  • Boosts retention rates and job satisfaction
  • Raises profit margins; helps with diversifying and differentiating your products and services

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